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16 October 15:00The Park Södra

How can journalists engage their readers?

Engaged journalism can mean many different things: events to meet readers offline, surveys to find out more about who your readers are and what they care about, and many other creative ways of including readers in your reporting. The key point is viewing journalism as a dialogue with your audience. A focus on engagement can help news organisations uncover new perspectives, write about the issues directly affecting their readers, rebuild trust in the media, and even create sustainable revenue streams. 

The Engaged Journalism Accelerator, an initiative from the European Journalism Centre, is building a network of journalists, editors, and others who are interested in engaging their readers. The Local is part of the Accelerator, and we would like to invite anyone already working with engagement, or who is interested in getting involved, for an afternoon of presentations and discussion about community-driven journalism.

We will hear short presentations from six journalists already working with engagement in Sweden:

James Savage, CEO, The Local
Brit Stakston, CEO, Blankspot
Petter Beckman, CEO, DirektPress Södra Sidan
Kerstin Gustafsson Figueroa, Editor-in-Chief, Nyhetsbyrån Järva
Eleni Terzitane, Editor, Nyhetsbyrån Järva
Catherine Edwards, Europe Editor, The Local

Following these talks, there will be time for questions and to mingle. Refreshments are included, and the event is free – please just make sure to sign up beforehand. 


The event will take place between 3pm-6pm on Wednesday, October 16th.

We'll meet at The Local's office space in The Park Södra, Magnus Ladulåsgatan 3, Stockholm. 

To get there, take the pendeltåg to Stockholm Södra, or tunnelbana to Mariatorget. 

The event is free to attend for anyone with an interest in community-driven journalism, and refreshments will be provided.

Please get in touch if you have any questions, or if you have dietary or accessibility requirements we should be aware of.

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James Savage
CEO, The Local

James founded The Local 15 years ago and is its CEO & Publisher.

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Brit Stakston
CEO, Blankspot

Brit is CEO and founder of Blankspot, a news organization that sees dialogue with readers as the way for journalism to build trust. 

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Petter Beckman
CEO, DirektPress Södra Sidan

Petter Beckman co-founded the community-based newspaper Södra Sidan in Skärholmen in 2006 together with Rouzbeh Djalaie. After having run Södra Sidan as editor-in-chief and CEO for 13 years he has now left his publishing career and is about to launch another large project: #EttSthlm in association with the local news chain DirektPress. 

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Kerstin Gustafsson Figueroa & Eleni Terzitane
Nyhetsbyrån Järva

Kerstin Gustafsson Figueroa is the founder and editor-in-chief of Nyhetsbyrån Järva, as well as a reporter for the online newspaper. Eleni Terzitane is editor and reporter and also helps run its social media channels.

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Catherine Edwards
Europe Editor, The Local

Catherine is The Local's Europe Editor and Sweden's ambassador for the Engaged Journalism Accelerator, an initiative from the European Journalism Centre.

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Organized by

Emma Löfgren

Emma is The Local Sweden's Editor and Deputy Managing Editor for all of The Local's nine sites.

Paul O'Mahony

Paul is The Local's Editorial Product Manager and former Managing Editor.

Catherine Edwards

Catherine is The Local's Europe Editor and Sweden's ambassador for the European Journalism Centre's Engaged Journalism Accelerator